What is the Transition Improvement Grant (TIG)?

On July 1st, 2013, The Department of Public Instruction launched a new discretionary grant, The Transition Improvement Grant or TIG. The TIG combines two long-standing discretionary grants: The Wisconsin Statewide Transition Initiative (WSTI) and the Wisconsin Post High School Outcomes Survey (WPHSOS) into one dynamic, statewide IDEA discretionary grant.  TIG is intended to provide effective, targeted, and low cost professional development to Wisconsin youth, parents, educators and all stakeholders in the area of postsecondary transition to improve strategies that will positively affect the post school outcomes of students with disabilities. The Transition Improvement Grant (TIG) will encourage effective practice Postsecondary Transition Plan (PTP) development, support the Interagency Agreement through the Transition Action Guide, encourage community engagement through the County Communities on Transition (CCoT), and provide ongoing technical assistance and professional development opportunities to all stakeholders.  TIG will provide regular contact with schools, agencies, students, parents, as well as other discretionary staff to provide the professional development and support needed to bring our state to the top in transition practices and outcomes so that every child is a graduate, college and career ready.

This grant is designed to strengthen and accelerate the transition process in our Wisconsin schools to improve the quality of postsecondary transition plans, increase high school graduation rates, encourage outside agency connections and develop strong career and college readiness among our students with disabilities.  TIG regional coordinators and statewide post high school coordinators will assist students, educators, parents and transition stakeholders to transform transition programming by providing professional development through statewide networking opportunities, transition academies, in district trainings, county council support, and other support as needed.

We look forward to a successful year in transition through collaborating and creating new relationships. Please take a moment to register for an account at www.witig.org.  More information about TIG Staff, transition in general, the PTP application, CCoT's, the Calendar of Events, new transition tools, our E-News and much more can be found at this site. Together, we can prepare all students to be a graduate, college and career ready!

View TIG staff and contact information here