Transition Collaboration Network

Welcome to the Transition Collaboration Network!

Transition Coordinator Network |WSTI Wisconsin Statewide Transition Initiative

The Transition Collaboration Network (TCN) is made up of a group of statewide professionals, including district level staff and community agencies from across the state.  TCN Meetings are held two times per year to share ideas and strategies for transition planning at the local level and are open to all interested by registering through the Transition Improvement Grant (TIG) website.  The TCN is supported by the Transition Improvement Grant (TIG) and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI).



Save the dates:  

December 13, 2018: This TCN meeting will be held at various CESAs throughout the state, with a focus on transition in rural communities.

March 7, 2019: This TCN meeting will be held in Marshfield, WI, with a focus on mental health.

Watch for more information on these events.



Questions regarding the TCN can be directed to: Pam Jenson at